Disney Villains "It's Our House Now" Music Video

Disney Villains "It's Our House Now" Music Video

This club is owned by Valentin girl.

About the clubEdit

In the club The house of Villains you can write, spam, talk to another Villain, have a good time, fall in love, etc. The master of this club is Hades.


Oh hello everyone and welcome! Welcome to the house of VILLAINS! Hahahahaha! - Hades

The rules are simple. Here can come every Villain, (gender),  but NO good guy. You can talk about whatever, except if you joke about me. Because only I can joke about you - Hades

You can have a fight here if you want, I really want some action here. So now my imployes will give you all you want. But there is just one rule - look at the rules and you will know - Hades