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General Information
Film(s) Hercules
Show(s) Hercules: The Animated Series
Other Names Lord of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld, God of the Underworld, Boss Teal: Underworld Crime Boss, Lazuli, Prince Azure, Lord Indigo, Rex (referred by Megara), Pluto (Roman name referred by Icarus)
Gender Male
Home Underworld
Occupation God of the Underworld
Physical Appearance
Species Greek God
Hair Blue
Eyes Yellow
Family Zeus (brother)
Poseidon (brother)
Hera (sister-in-law)
Hercules (nephew)
Friends Titans, Nessus, Hydra, Cyclops, Cerberus, Hecate (briefly), Echidna, Typhon
Pet(s) Hydra, Cerberus
Minions Pain and Panic, Megara (formerly), Titans, Nessus, Hydra, Cyclops, Cerberus, Echidna
Enemies Zeus
Other gods
Type Bad
Other Information
Likes Torturing Hercules and his closest friends, manipulating people, power, himself, causing havoc, monsters, negotiations, winning, abusing Pain and Panic, Jafar understands what he wants
Dislikes Hercules, Zeus, defeat, water, Hecate trying to steal his turf, Pain and Panic's stupidity, love, Hercules merchandise, the Underworld, puns, Jafar (formerly; causing Jafar's ego), getting blasted by Zeus' lighting bolts, being nice
Powers & Abilities Immortality, teleportation, summoning of creatures, control of fire and smoke, control over darkness and the Heartless, ability to talk fast

Just don't tell my wife that.


Hades is the God of the underworld. His brothers are Zeus and Poseidon. He wants to claim the throne from his brother Zeus, who is in command of Mount Olympus. He is played by Valentin girl.


Hades appears as a blue-grey humanoid with flaming blue hair, wearing a black robe and a smoky base. When he get's angry his skin turns red and he bursts into flames.


Hades is normally evil and cynical, but has a serious anger management problem. As an Olympian God, he is immortal, and specifically has authority over the dead. Though temperamental, he is a fast-talker, and a shrewd bargainer. Hades is often regarded as one of Disney's funniest villains, alongside Capitan Hook, Yzma, Prince John, King Candy and Ursula. In the Myths: Gaia was his grandmother, Cronus was his father, Hestia was his sister and Hera sister as well his sister-in-law by her mariage to Zeus. His wife is Persephone, but he likes Aphrodite to. Just don't tell my wife that

Pets and minions

Pain and Panic ​(minions). Neither are very intelligent or loyal to him, they serve Hades because they fear him and because he owns their souls.

Nessus (minor). Is a large centaur who is known as the River Guardian.

Hydra (pet). Is a large, multi-headed female monster.

Cerberus (pet). Is Hade's three-headed guard dog whose main duty is to guard the entrance to the Underworld.


TAPE 1: (Telling to their minions) I had a plan how to destroy the Gods, and you two messed it all up!

TAPE 2: (To her wife. Was behind her walking with his head down) Come on P. I know you still love me.

Persephone: You burned my apples Had.

Hades: Hey, I just wanted to grabb one and they all just magicly burned.

TAPE 3: (Peting his three headed dog) Who is a bad dogy/es? (The three headed dog barcked.) Yes you all are.

TAPE 4: (Was firely red, when Afrodite comes by, then he changed to himself.) Hades: Well hello gorgeous! (Came infront of her.) 

Afrodite: Hy Had. (Looked at him with a grouse face.)

Hades: How are you today? 

Afrodite: Go away Had, you have a wife remember? 

Hades: I know, I know. But what about a little kiss? (Puts his lips together and closed his eyes, when Afrodite gaved him a aluminium plate on his face, that Hades's face was made on it.) 

Afrodite: Ha. (Turned her head and slowly went out of his way.)

Women in his life


She is really beatiful. She got that green flame that she use on her staff, and that silky coat. She is the one for Hades, rrrrrrrr!


She's my ex-girl. Oh, she was a denzel to have. She was working at the beginning for me, you know and made a good work. To shame she left me.

Queen Narissa

My second ex-girl. Oh she was soo like Queeny. I don't know, but she kinda resembles as her. Oh well...

Evil Queen

And when we were talking about Queeny, she was my first girl that I loved. Oh, how we shared our love together, I can remember when we first met. Ahh! Memories.


Or the others would say, a wicked one. Yeah, I know she can turn into a witch and has that green skin, but hey, no one is perfect and besides, I love her with all my dead heart!


Zira still loves me, she never went away from me. Oh I am soo happy when I see her. And I can turn into a lion too!


Funny Scene From Hades

Funny Scene From Hades

Hades My Town

Hades My Town

Hercules VS

Hercules VS. Hades-0

Hades is the True Lord of Olympus

Hades is the True Lord of Olympus