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Valentin girl
• 4/9/2014

Q&A 3 (Drama solving version)

Ok so a user accused me of gossiping about other blocked users, I just have to say i'm completely confused by all of this! Why would she accuse me of blocking? I just don't get it, anyways, here is another Q&A for you guys.

Q: A user accused me of something i didnt know and told a admin!
A: Well best way is to get a admin (I think ElsaAndAnna is good at that) to go on chat and discuss it, Remember to give evidence, If you have PC you can use snipping tool.

Q: Someone is lying about a person!
A: Do not worry, We do not accuse people either, The best way is to invite and admin on chat if it's happening now!

Q: I am a admin, What do i do to stop this drama?
A: Block a person from chat if it started on chat, If a person invites you to chat then it's best to go in it. If the arguement goes worst then ban the person for 2 weeks. If it continues on a thread then remove or close it and block the person who continues, It it best to tell everyone to stay out of this.

Q: I am not admin, I want to solve this drama
A: The answer is no, Getting into this will not solve ANYTHING, It will only make it worse and a admin may ban you and warn you.

Q: I like drama, I would want to be in it
A: Before said: The answer is no, You cannot just burst into a fight when a admin is trying to solve it, It will lead to a 3 week ban.

Q: I want to stay out of it, But they are being SO rude!
A: Thank you if you are staying out of it, It is best to, Get a admin to do it.

Well this is another Q&A, I hope you all understand! This was requested by ElsaAndAnna! AnnaAndElsaCherrypop888Talk

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Valentin girl
• 4/9/2014
Kk. This post will help if anymore drama occurs and if I needa kick someone's booty. XD jk about that last bit
• 4/10/2014

No, that last one was perfect XD

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